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How to find your perfume fragrance: Cool, warm or dynamic?

We share with you a few simple tips from perfumers that will help you find  your fragrance  and not make a mistake.

A few words about perfume fragrances

Choosing a perfume, it is important to know that the smell of high-quality  perfume means is  "revealed" not immediately.

This happens gradually, by notes:

•  top or first  - the lightest. Due to the presence of alcohol fragrance, it evaporates after 15 minutes. The first is often a touch of flowers or citrus;

•  middle or second  is the “heart” of the perfume. This fragrance is soft and light. It unfolds within 1 hour;

To buy perfume after you sniffed a cap in the store or it is not the right decision. After all, without letting each note open, you risk choosing not what you need. Better take a paper strip tester with your favorite scent and smell it all day long, and then just make the final choice.
•  bottom or base  is a stub fragrance that is the longest playing. If you liked it, then it is worth choosing.

Oriented to the type of aromatic composition

In order not to get confused when choosing a perfume smell, let's look at the main flavors of perfumery with you  :

•  floral  - often contain notes of jasmine, rose, lily and other flowers. They are most suitable for feminine, sophisticated and creative natures;

•  fruit  - the smell of apricots, peach, wild berries, melons and other gifts of nature prevails here. Often they are combined with floral notes. This option is suitable for everyone, especially cheerful, open and  active girls ;

•  citrus fruits  - such fresh and light aromas with notes of orange, bergamot, lemon, mandarin or grapefruit will also fall by the way to cheerful people;

•  Oriental  is the most persistent and heavy sweet fragrance. Often contain musk, vanilla, spices. Suitable for impulsive, luxurious and mysterious women after 30;

When choosing a perfume, smell better to the fragrance not on the strip tester, but on the skin. Apply some perfume to your wrist. It is here that the aromatic components evaporate more intensively.

•  spicy  - these warm smells with hints of cloves, ginger, pepper or lavender will surely be appreciated by dynamic, stubborn and gambling girls;

•  woody  - these are also warm flavors. Often they contain notes of sandalwood and cedar. This option fits a loving, generous nature;

•  green  - this is the smell of freshly cut grass, pine needles, mint and other "green". They will surely attract those who appreciate nature without a hint of “chemistry”;

•  Fresh  - reflecting mountain air, sea breeze and rain. Such perfumes  have water notes. Often they contain the aromas of watermelon, grapes, lilies. This option should "try on" young romantic girls.

Choosing perfume fragrance according to your skin type.

It turns out that  by the type of your skin  you can choose not only cream, lotion and other cosmetics, but also fragrance of perfume. The fact is that each girl has a different pH level and composition of the secret. Therefore, the spirits are revealed in different ways.

So,  dry derma  badly keeps perfume on itself, because it instantly absorbs the oils contained in the product. In this case, perfumers recommend to pay attention to the sharp and rich options with oriental notes.

But the owners of  oily skin are  lucky, because they perfume fragrance lasts longer. In addition, such a dermis tends to reinforce any smell and make it sweet. She perfectly reveals pronounced fragrances. For this type of skin suitable fruit compositions and notes of the Bulgarian rose.
Perfume selection by hair color
Choosing the  aroma of perfume  is also necessary in view of the  color of curls . So, for brunettes with dark skin perfect oriental and spicy options with floral notes: jasmine, lily, musk, cinnamon or sandalwood.

If you are blonde, floral and green fragrances with hints of citrus - this is yours. Therefore, choose the perfume that contains notes of lily of the valley, violet, lavender with a combination of peach, lemon or mandarin.

Oriental smells with hints of vanilla, tart with notes of incense, camphor, patchouli, and woody with notes of cedar will harmoniously fit into the image of owners of fiery hair.

But the fair-haired beauties will come to the way all the floral and green fragrances of the perfume.

A few rules on the choice of perfume.

Spirits are a reflection of our inner world. Therefore, approach their choice carefully, observing a  few rules that modern perfumers derived:

1. For the purchase of perfumes go better early in the morning. After all, in the evening due to fatigue, sensitivity to odors decreases. And in the morning the aromas are perceived more clearly and brighter.

2. Do not choose perfumes on critical days and a few days before. The fact is that during this period the hormonal background changes, and with it the  sensitivity to odors . So, if you buy the perfumed water you like, then at the end of your period you may be disappointed in it.

Perfumers recommend to smell no more than 4 flavors in a row. After all, the nose is not able to adequately perceive more. Otherwise everything will mix and you will not be able to determine what is yours.

3. When applying the probe, do not rub it. Let the alcohol evaporate and all notes open naturally.

4. For the morning and daytime, choose the gentle and calm aromas, and for the evening - bright perfume compositions.

5. Do not buy perfumes, the smell of which causes headaches and discomfort.

Of course, seeing in the store a lot of different bottles of perfume, eau de parfum and toilet water, it is difficult to dwell on something specific.

But, using the tips that we talked about in this article, you will surely choose what suits you best.

Also,  when searching for perfume,  be sure to listen to yourself, and not to fashion trends, friends, colleagues and other people. And then you will surely pick up "your" fragrance, which will become your part and will be as close as possible to your inner world

24 thoughts to get rid of in order to become happy |സന്തോഷം നേടാൻ ഈ 24 ചിന്തകൾ ഒഴിവാക്കണം

1. Trying to be someone that you are not.

If you are forced to imitate someone, you can never become one. Strive to become better, based on who you are and what you have to offer to the world. 

2. Tell yourself it's too late.

Life is actions and opportunities , not regrets. It is never too late to change things for the better.

3. Strives to be right all the time.

You are a person , and people make mistakes and cannot know everything. This is normal - to err and not to know, and all the more normal - to declare it directly.

4. Talking bad about yourself.

Sometimes you become your worst enemy. If you do not allow anyone to talk like this about your spouse or best friend, do not say it about yourself - even in your own mind. 

5. Passivity without progress.

If you decide to be a bystander in your own life, how can you expect something important to happen? Passivity does not bring happiness and satisfaction. 

6. You are feeling guilty.

No amount of guilt can change the past or the future. Do everything you can to correct the mistakes you have made, but do not let a load of guilt crush you. 

7. Negativeness without positive.

If you keep thinking that the glass is half empty, you will always be disappointed and want more. Develop positive thinking and the impossible will become possible. 

8. Conditional approval.

Get rid of the people who make you feel that you have to become someone else to accept or appreciate you. 

9. Envy begets envy.

Do not be jealous of what other people have or do. Remember, happiness is not about having everything you want, but wanting to have what you have.


10. Explode under pressure.

It is difficult to maintain a presence of mind when your life is like a pressure cooker, ready to explode. Learn to stay calm while under pressure - and you can do more. 

11. The need for control.

Sometimes you have to give up control to allow what should happen. Attempting to control things that are beyond your control is a waste of time and the main source of unhappiness. 

12. Blame others.

You yourself are responsible for your own life and your happiness. Blaming others is not productive and does not benefit. Whatever happens in your past, life goes on - and that means moving on and finding your happiness. 

13. Regrets last forever.

Make it a rule to get rid of regrets and never look back. Regrets are a waste of energy that prevents you from moving forward and leaves nothing on which you can build your happiness. 

14. Letting fear rule you.

Fear can never give you what you want or what will make you happy. Instead, it distorts your outlook on life and hinders your success. Nothing will prevent your success more. 

15. The need for approval.

The only permission, the only assessment, the only approval, and the only opinion that should matter to you is your own. The search for approval, like the search for happiness, must begin within you. 

16. Expression of anger.

When anger grows, don't let it control you, realizing how much it will cost you. Anger does little good, but takes the energy needed for positive growth. 

17. Mediocrity as a state of mind.

If you are serious about success, do not allow mediocrity to enter your life - neither mediocre ideas, nor ordinary business, nor worthless friends. The difference between skill and mediocrity is always greater than the effort spent on it. 

18. Excuses.

If you want something to happen, make it happen. If this is important to you, you will look for a way. If you are ready to be content with excuses, admit that this is not the top line on your list of priorities. 

19. The dependence of happiness on others.

Until you can find happiness within yourself, you will not find it in anyone else. 

20. The habit of postponing everything.

If you are used to waiting to do something, it will never happen. Procrastination is one of the worst habits. 

21. Old luggage is hard to carry.

We were all wrong, we were hurt - and we all carry this baggage. But trying to keep everything on your shoulders is too hard. The less you carry, the farther you can go. 

22. Self-doubt prevents you from playing big.

It steals your happiness and prevents you from becoming who you should be. 

23. Superficial judgments.

Things that we harshly condemn in others are that with which we don’t want to come face to face with ourselves. 

24. Game in comparison.

Drop the comparison, the only way to become happy is to focus on yourself. 

A supercomputer with 1 million cores, which simulates the human brain

On November 2, researchers at the University of Manchester launched the  most powerful supercomputer whose architecture simulates the human brain.

 It employs a million ARM9 cores that can handle 200 trillion operations per second. Computer designed for 20 years, and another 10 years collected. The construction work started in 2006, and the total amount spent on the project was £ 15,000,000.

How does it work?
The main difficulty of such a project is to create iron, which can cope with a multitude of parallel processes in much the same way as a biological brain does. For example, the human brain consists of approximately 100 billion neurons. The number of connections between these neurons is astronomical. The researchers plan to create a model of one billion neurons using their supercomputer, which will be processed in real time. Despite the fact that this is only one percent of the human brain - a step for computer science is huge. So far, no supercomputer could cope with this task.
The main decisions in the supercomputer are related to the  architecture of iron . It is called SpiNNaker (Spiking Neural Network Architecture). In it, a million nuclei is divided into 57 thousand nodes. Each has 18 cores and 128 megabytes of SDRAM memory, which is located separately from the matrix with chips. There are several ways to transfer information between the cores, but the main one is in packets of 5–9 kilobytes. 
All nodes are connected to an asynchronous infrastructure. Mobile processors and memory are chosen for energy reasons - in such a powerful system it is one of the main resources for which it had to sacrifice performance. 

The principles of interaction between the processors relied on neurobiology. In conventional computers, the amount of data sent is much higher, because they contain information about how and where the system should deliver the information.
In the SpiNNaker architecture, this was avoided. Data packets contain only information about the source, and the infrastructure sends them to the destination. As the Motherboard edition explains , such an infrastructure is the same as the work of mail without post offices - everyone has a personal postman who himself knows what address to deliver the parcel to.
Steve Furber, a computer engineering professor and project researcher, says: “SpiNNaker completely reinvents the way computers work. We managed to create a machine that works more like a brain than a computer, and this is just incredible. ”
What will be used for
Now the computer will be used for academic and scientific research. For example, scientists have already recreated the area of ​​the cerebral cortex consisting of 80 thousand neurons that are responsible for processing sensory information. This model helped the robot to process video information in real time in order to navigate difficult terrain.

Mystery that challenges our understanding of biology, chemistry and the very laws of physics

Thomas Theodore Merrillin was known as a crypto naturalist, zoologist and xenoarchaeologist. Creatures and artifacts are considered myths. This is a mystery that challenges our understanding of biology, chemistry and the very laws of physics

In 1960, in London at the time of the release of the site for the construction of a new residential quarter, the old abandoned mansion, owned by Thomas Theodore Merlin, was sent for demolition. In the basement, the homeowners found several thousand small wooden boxes tightly sealed. Imagine their surprise when they began to find inside the bodies of strange mythical creatures that seemed to live only in fairy tales


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