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17 April 2018

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Get gold from your old sim card? 

 Around 45 million tons of electronic waste is dumped into garbage.All this contain many precious metals.  Gold worth more than $ 20 billion was simply thrown away as electronic waste. Other precious metals, such as silver, copper, platinum and palladium, are also discarded. Researchers hope that this new method can help limit the amount of raw material waste in the future - and even, perhaps, reduce the amount that currently accounts for landfills.

 its maximum speed is limited to 97 kilometers per hour. Power reserve - 50 kilometers.

The motorcycle is designed for the government program Bamboo Extreme, whose participants were to present innovative ideas for the use of bamboo stems. By 2020, the Philippine authorities intend to plant 10 million hectares of this plant.

23 March 2018

Here is what happened when electric car Telsa catches fire.its evident from video that electric car is more dangerous than gas.

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