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TGS Store Giveaways-9 Mighty Mac Apps for Free!

1.iTunes Converter for Mac

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Many iTunes files are DRM-protected, meaning they are subject to access control technologies that restrict their usage. The Ondesoft iTunes Converter for Mac solves this pain for you, stripping this protection from your media files so you can play them on any device with absolutely no quality loss.
  • Unlock DRM-protected files to use on any device
  • Extract audio from iTunes video files & save in common file types
  • Convert M4P & Audible AA files to MP3 & AAC formats
  • Ensure converted MP3 & M4A files contain the same ID tags & metadata data as original files
  • Ensure AudioBooks converted to M4A retain their chapter organizations
  • Convert DRM media files at up to 16x speed
  • Benefit from an intuitive user interface

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Registration Name: Milan Antony
Registration Email: milankantony@gmail.com

2.WinX DVD Ripper for Mac


With WinX DVD Ripper for Mac, you'll do away with the hassle of tracking and transporting physical DVDs. Rip video from the DVDs in just 5 short minutes, creating and saving an easily shareable digital copy to your hard drive without compromising quality.
  • Remove all viewing restrictions: copy protections, region locks, etc.
  • Create a 1:1 copy from DVD to Mac & USB within 5 minutes
  • Quickly rip video while preserving quality
  • Take advantage of easy usability w/ adjustable settings
  • Extract video audio image from DVD movies
  • Edit video: adjust video/audio parameters, add subtitles, merge, trim, etc.


3.Synergy Appe50ccc52524082ed10c41a4b5690be97c8f68dc0_main_hero_image

Synergy is the all-in-one desktop solution for cohesively accessing all your devices at once. You'll be able to seamlessly move your mouse to any connected computer screen during the same user session, as if each screen were part of a single, unified device.
  • Access all your connected devices in a single user experience
  • Seamlessly move your mouse to any computer & start typing
  • Share your clipboard between your computers
  • Drag & drop files from one computer to another
  • Encrypt your sensitive data to keep it safe on public networks
  • Take advantage of network-based (IP) software KVM switch (non-video)


4.AirRadar By Koingo


Jet lag is one thing, but finding a free and open Wi-Fi network may just be your biggest travel woe. AirRadar remedies this by tracking your location, registering open networks, and saving that data for later reference. Easily pinpoint the closest usable networks, and view previously visited hotspots to connect in a familiar place.
  • Easily find an open Wi-Fi network wherever you go
  • Pinpoint Wi-Fi channels w/ the most bandwidth
  • Immediately identify & join the best network in range
  • Automatically save all Wi-Fi passwords
  • Track locations you’ve been to w/ GPS & log open networks for future reference
  • Tag specific networks as favorites
  • Filter out networks you don’t want


5.Window Tidy


Got a million windows open on your desktop? Tame your screen using Window Tidy, and save yourself the hassle of manually dragging and resizing them. This handy app will allow you to seamlessly navigate between your desktop windows, dragging and dropping them within custom grid layouts that simultaneously display them all for quick, easy access.
  • Arrange your windows w/ drag & drop
  • Avoid having to manually drag & resize all your windows
  • Easily view all your documents at the same time
  • Apply a custom layout to a window
  • Customize the behavior & appearance of your layout
  • Move windows onto a new monitor & apply a layout
  • Take a screenshot of any window
  • Effortlessly keep your desktop organized & easy to navigate



6.Autograph Signature App


Tired of messily signing your digital documents? The Autograph Signature App configures the sensitivity of your laptop trackpad to capture your signature as it's drawn with your finger. With features allowing you to auto-insert pre-drawn signatures and undo errors with one swipe, you'll find yourself not only crafting gorgeously drawn digital signatures, but amping up your productivity in ways you never imagined.
  • Autograph an email or document w/ your trackpad in under 7 seconds
  • Automatically insert your signature or note into a document w/ one keystroke
  • Effortlessly sketch doodles, drawings & more
  • Customize the HotKey to any text or symbols you'd like
  • Swipe to quickly undo written or drawn errors
  • Utilize biometrics to evaluate your penmanship & log details unique to your signature


7.ZipZapMac's Memory Cleaner App


Before you drop major bank on more memory for your computer, use ZipZapMac's Memory Cleaner App to free up space. You'll clear out junk files, speed up your memory with a single click, and likely realize that dreaded memory purchase is unneeded--plus your wallet will thank you.
  • Speed up your computer w/ a single click
  • Clean out unwanted junk files & other resource-hogging waste
  • Leave your important files untouched
  • Keep your memory fresh & clean for the work you need to do
  • Avoid computer slowdowns or having to buy more memory
  • Save time & increase your productivity



8.Keep Files Private with Invisible


The best way to protect your data against theft? Ensuring it can't be found in the first place. Drop your files in the Invisible app to safeguard your information by hiding it from view. You can even add another layer of security by password protecting your files--then easily reveal them with a single click.
  • Hide files from view by dropping them in the app
  • Password protect your data for added peace of mind
  • Ensure your files are private & secure from online threats
  • Keep your personal documents away from prying eyes
  • Relax knowing your data is secure


9.Privatus Automated Privacy Protection

Avoid manually deleting your cookies from your browser each time you finish surfing the Web. This premium app does the work for you after a quick initial setup, automatically deleting cookies for you after each browsing session. Get much-needed peace-of-mind as to the security of your private data with Privatus by your side.
  • Delete cookies from your computer each time you close your browser
  • Fully automate your online protection after a quick initial setup
  • Guard against spying & tracking of your browsing habits
  • Configure your private data for easy removal
  • Benefit from quality protection against online threats
  • Utilize a simple & intuitive interface
  • Get real-time cookie removal feedback
  • Comprehensively protect your privacy online


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