A supercomputer with 1 million cores, which simulates the human brain

On November 2, researchers at the University of Manchester launched the  most powerful supercomputer whose architecture simulates the human brain.

 It employs a million ARM9 cores that can handle 200 trillion operations per second. Computer designed for 20 years, and another 10 years collected. The construction work started in 2006, and the total amount spent on the project was £ 15,000,000.

How does it work?
The main difficulty of such a project is to create iron, which can cope with a multitude of parallel processes in much the same way as a biological brain does. For example, the human brain consists of approximately 100 billion neurons. The number of connections between these neurons is astronomical. The researchers plan to create a model of one billion neurons using their supercomputer, which will be processed in real time. Despite the fact that this is only one percent of the human brain - a step for computer science is huge. So far, no supercomputer could cope with this task.
The main decisions in the supercomputer are related to the  architecture of iron . It is called SpiNNaker (Spiking Neural Network Architecture). In it, a million nuclei is divided into 57 thousand nodes. Each has 18 cores and 128 megabytes of SDRAM memory, which is located separately from the matrix with chips. There are several ways to transfer information between the cores, but the main one is in packets of 5–9 kilobytes. 
All nodes are connected to an asynchronous infrastructure. Mobile processors and memory are chosen for energy reasons - in such a powerful system it is one of the main resources for which it had to sacrifice performance. 

The principles of interaction between the processors relied on neurobiology. In conventional computers, the amount of data sent is much higher, because they contain information about how and where the system should deliver the information.
In the SpiNNaker architecture, this was avoided. Data packets contain only information about the source, and the infrastructure sends them to the destination. As the Motherboard edition explains , such an infrastructure is the same as the work of mail without post offices - everyone has a personal postman who himself knows what address to deliver the parcel to.
Steve Furber, a computer engineering professor and project researcher, says: “SpiNNaker completely reinvents the way computers work. We managed to create a machine that works more like a brain than a computer, and this is just incredible. ”
What will be used for
Now the computer will be used for academic and scientific research. For example, scientists have already recreated the area of ​​the cerebral cortex consisting of 80 thousand neurons that are responsible for processing sensory information. This model helped the robot to process video information in real time in order to navigate difficult terrain.

Mystery that challenges our understanding of biology, chemistry and the very laws of physics

Thomas Theodore Merrillin was known as a crypto naturalist, zoologist and xenoarchaeologist. Creatures and artifacts are considered myths. This is a mystery that challenges our understanding of biology, chemistry and the very laws of physics

In 1960, in London at the time of the release of the site for the construction of a new residential quarter, the old abandoned mansion, owned by Thomas Theodore Merlin, was sent for demolition. In the basement, the homeowners found several thousand small wooden boxes tightly sealed. Imagine their surprise when they began to find inside the bodies of strange mythical creatures that seemed to live only in fairy tales


Tests for determining the dominant hemisphere of the brain

If you see this girl moving clockwise, then you have an active right hemisphere at the moment. If it moves counter-clockwise, then you use the left hemisphere. Some can see it moving in both directions.
Try to make it move in the opposite direction, using the other hemisphere. Can you do it.
Look to the side and again look at the girl, after a while she will start moving in the opposite direction. Also, some people discovered that you can look at her legs and she again will change the direction of movement.

Experiments have shown that two different areas of the brain are responsible for different types of mental activity.
Usually people use only one hemisphere peculiar to their type of thinking. But there are individuals working with both hemispheres.
There are schools that give preference to one hemisphere, and not to another. So the schools developing the left hemisphere concentrate their attention on logical thinking, analysis and accuracy. While the school of the right hemisphere focuses on aesthetics, feelings and creativity.

Areas of specialization of the left hemisphere :

Verbal information processing: The left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for your language abilities . This hemisphere controls speech, as well as the ability to read and write.
It also remembers the  facts, names, dates and their writing.
Analytical thinking :  The left hemisphere is responsible for logic and analysis. It is it that analyzes all the facts.
A literal understanding of words:  The left hemisphere is able to understand only the literal meaning of words.
Sequential thinking:  Information is processed by the left hemisphere in stages.
Mathematical abilities:  Numbers and symbols are also recognized by the left hemisphere.
The logical, analytical approaches that are necessary for solving mathematical problems are also a product of the work of the left hemisphere.
Control the movements of the right side of the body.  When you raise your right hand, it means that the team raised it came from the left hemisphere.

Areas of specialization of the right hemisphere:

Handling non-verbal information: The right hemisphere specializes in processing information that is expressed not in words, but in symbols and images.
Parallel processing of information:  Unlike the left hemisphere, which processes information only in a clear sequence, the right hemisphere can simultaneously process a lot of diverse information. It is able to treat the problem as a whole without applying analysis.
The right hemisphere also recognizes faces , and thanks to him we can perceive the totality of traits as a single whole.
Spatial orientation: The  right hemisphere is responsible for the perception of the location and spatial orientation in general. It is thanks to the right hemisphere that you can orient yourself on the terrain and make mosaic puzzle pictures.
Musicality:  Musical abilities, as well as the ability to perceive music, depend on the right hemisphere, although, however, the left hemisphere is responsible for musical education.
Metaphors:  With the help of the right hemisphere, we understand the metaphors and results of the work of someone else's imagination. Thanks to him we can understand not only the literal meaning of what we hear or read. For example, if someone says: "He hangs on my tail," then just the right hemisphere will understand what exactly this man wanted to say.
Imagination: The  right hemisphere gives us the opportunity to dream and fantasize. With the help of the right hemisphere, we can compose various stories. By the way, the question "What if ..." also sets the right hemisphere.
Artistic abilities: The  right hemisphere is responsible for the ability to visual arts.
Emotions:  Although emotions are not a product of the functioning of the right hemisphere, it is associated with them more closely than the left one.
Sex:  The right hemisphere is responsible for sex, unless, of course, you are not too concerned about the technique itself of this process.
Mysticism:  The right hemisphere is responsible for mysticism and religiosity.
Dreams: The  right hemisphere is also responsible for dreams.
Controls the movements of the left half of the body:  When you raise your left hand, this means that the team to raise it came from the right hemisphere

Xiaomi Mijia Action Camera Handheld Gimbal

After highlighting the footprint in the smartphone market , China's company Xiaomi, shifted to the construction of many other devices.Their TV is also cute. The company, which has created many devices,such as power bank, headphones, or Mi-band, is turning the company into a smart phone gimble system. The company as already sold gimbal for action cameras like Gopro, which were already being sold successfully

  • Built-in battery capacity: 5000mAh
  • Operation time: 4 - 8 hours
  • Charge time: about 4 hours
  • Compatibility: Mijia mini action camera

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India discovered largest natural gas reserves in the world

What are gas hydrates?

Gas hydrates are a crystalline solid formed of water and gas. It looks and acts much like ice, but it contains huge amounts of methane; it is known to occur on every continent; and it exists in huge quantities in marine sediments in a layer several hundred meters thick directly below the sea floor and in association with permafrost in the Arctic. It is not stable at normal sea-level pressures and temperatures, which is the primary reason that it is a challenge to study.

Gas hydrates are important for three reasons:

  • They may contain a major energy resource
  • It may be a significant hazard because it alters sea floor sediment stability, influencing collapse and landsliding
  • The hydrate reservoir may have strong influence on the environment and climate, because methane is a significant greenhouse gas.

The Indian Coast of India, including Cochin, has found huge gas emissions to
meet the demand for the country for 300 years. According to the US Geological
Survey, there are about 130 trillion cubic feet of hydrogen gas reserves in the Cochin
Thiram, Krishna-Godavari basin and Cauvery basin.

Hydrate gas can also be used for automobiles as well as fuel for automobiles in
addition to the gas needed for homes and commerce and industry. India's energy
consumption is just six per cent of the gas.

Hydrate natural gas (gas hydrate) can be formed in the form of ice in the ocean
floor. Gas reserves of natural gas in hydroelectricity are also in the US. It is learned
that in India the new find. This technology has not yet been developed for commercial
production. This is going to work in the US, Japan and Canada.

ONGC said Panel will set up a special center for researching natural gas hydrate in
Mumbai. Chairman Shashi Shankar said. This will accelerate rapidly with the
discovery of hydraulic gas reserves in the country including Kochi.