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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Li-Fi - a secure analogue of Wi-Fi.

Li-Fi - a secure analogue of Wi-Fi.

Most studies have concluded that Wi-Fi is generally safe, but some people are still worried about the fact that we bathe in the rays of electromagnetic radiation around the clock.

In order to completely protect against negative influence, the researchers developed Li-Fi or Light Fidelity, where the invisible flicker of the light source transmits data at a very high speed to 224 gigabits per second. Problems with interference also do not arise, since the connection operates at radio frequency, but can not pass through the walls.

Oledcomm, a French company that deals with commercial equipment with LiFi, has already installed it in hospitals and other places where people are worried about the harmful effects of WiFi, and recently introduced a table lamp designed by Pierre Garner of Eliumstudio.

The lamp was brought to North America, to an exhibition of CES, taking place in Las Vegas and has already won two awards.

As the developer writes:

"LiFi provides data transmission, imperceptibly modulating the light emitted by the LED lamp. The result is the transfer of data at ultrafast speed, reliable and free of harmful electromagnetic emissions. Light signals are received and converted into data using a Li-Fi key connected to the mobile device. "

The LEDs in the lamp are adjustable to transfer the color temperature from warm to daylight. There is also its own built-in security system.

"MyLiFi® is next-generation lighting that goes beyond the visible spectrum, providing an easy and secure connection to the Internet. We wanted to materialize an intangible "smart" light. To achieve this, we created a simple, clean object that makes technology disappear in favor of comfort and ease of use. "

In the video, the company claims that LiFi operates "without radiation"; However, you can be a bit pedantic and point out that light is just another frequency of electromagnetic radiation, which people, as it turned out, have learned to see.

There are also some people with electro-hypersensitivity who claim that they are affected by the flickering of LED lamps.But if you are worried about WiFi harm and are ready to shell out $ 1650 for a lamp (hopefully with a couple of keys) this option is quite possible for you.

Of course, none of our hardware has a LiFi receiver, so all necessary devices will require keys, which is also very unpleasant. But, as the company says, one key can be connected to "all devices, including computers, tablets and smartphones, connected instantly to the network".

It's a pity that it is not built into our phones and devices, because the use of light is a bright idea

Monday, January 15, 2018

Intex and Samsung TV launched built in Set-up Box TV with Free air to view channels and Radio Channels

Intex and Samsung TV launched built in Set-up Box TV with Free air to view channels and Radio Channels

Samsung and Airtel Digital TV are giving the integrated DTH TV thought another shot.

The two launched Integrated Digital TV (iDTV), beneath that Samsung’s vary of SmartDirect TVs can return designed with AN in-built Airtel digital satellite tuner which is able to alter DTH signal reception while not the requirement for purchasers to put in AN external set-top-box (STB).

“The Integrated Digital TV (iDTV) capability can deliver a sensible TV viewing expertise for purchasers through higherimage quality and most audio & video clarity whereas conjointly making certain most power savings,” same the businesses.

The two claimed that integration the set prime box can lead to a discount in signal loss (between the set-top-box and TV). iDTV conjointly offers one remote resolution powered by AN intuitive user guide.

“The in-built Airtel DTH charge account credit supports direct signal reception from the dish, therefore sanctionativecrystal clear audio-video quality and creating these Samsung TVs the best on the market within the marketplace today”, added Mr. Arora.

It would, however, still need a dish to be placed outside the house.

The iDTV set includes a Samsung SmartDirect TV and Airtel Digital TV’s charge account credit.

The TVs ar on the market across Samsung Plazas and every one leading multi-retail shops for costs beginning Rs. 44900 for thirty two in. screen. The Samsung five series iDTV (48 inch) is on the market at authority 91500. Customers buying the all new iDTV can even fancy a restricted amount introductory supply that provides fourmonths of free subscription of Airtel DTH services.

In a bid to alter folks at the grassroots to own recreation choices that are cheap and property, Intex Technologies, one in all the leading shopper physics major, launched its new and innovative ‘Free-to-Air’ 32-inch semiconductor diode TV model - semiconductor diode TV 3208.

The 32-inch semiconductor diode TV model popular customers within the Tier a pair of and three cities comes with AN in-built ‘Free-to-Air’ channel set-top box beside Intex’s Parabolic dish with no installation charges to fancy viewing Free 150+ TV channels beside unlimited free regional radio channels. Hence, the buyer doesn’t have to be compelled to worry regarding the monthly recharge and may sit, relax and revel in the unlimited recreation at a pretty value of Rs twenty one,990/.

With Intex FTA semiconductor diode TV, customers will fancy viewing 150+ channels together with GECs, movies, devotional, lifestyle, music, pic, news, sports, Doordarshan channels and regional and radio channels in 10+ languages. Free-to-view (FTV) is, generally, on the market while not subscription however is digitally encoded and should be restricted geographically.

Talking regarding the innovative launch, Jayesh Parekh, Business Head - durable goods, Intex Technologies same, “At Intex, we have a tendency to believe advancements in technology produce endless prospects, creating the longer term of expertise exciting.

Being a longtime Indian whole, we've got invariably understood ANd worked upon shopper pulse and then introduced the in-built Free-to-Air semiconductor diode TV model to produce unlimited viewing expertise with access to an array of TV channels across genres & regions and regional radio channels business to any or all age-groups and social group segments.”

The semiconductor diode TV comes equipped with an overseas management that works for each the TV and in-built Set-up Box. The remote includes dedicated keys for Channel List whereby one will simply access the TV channel list and a TV/Radio Key whereby one will simply navigate through TV and Radio Channels.

Monday, September 11, 2017

project Insight Project, initiated by the Income Tax Department to check tax evasion, will take effect from October.

project Insight Project, initiated by the Income Tax Department to check tax evasion, will take effect from October.

$156 Million 'Project Insight'

The Income Tax Department, which aims to capture black money on social media accounts, An Income Tax Department is an image of an expensive watch or a photo of a luxury car that is posted on Facebook. The project Insight Project, initiated by the Income Tax Department to check tax evasion, will take effect from October. Check the Income Tax Department as an incompatibility between social media sites and information provided in the income tax statement.

What is  Project Insight 

Project Insight is centered on the social media posts of those who cheat the government by paying less taxes. Project Insight, which is expected to cost 100 crores, will become the largest biometric identification system in the world. This can be done by trying to ensure that people pay tax on income taxes.

Foreign countries model 

Belgium, Canada and Australia are currently using data from social media to prevent tax evasion. The Modi government is trying to implement this model in India.

Even Selfie works!

 Even the Self-Defense Department can use the weapon as a weapon to kill you even for a selfie from the car. Photo from before the cottage custody are posted on Facebook or Instagram and the Income Tax Department will be used to capture tax fraudsters. The government has been trying to monitor social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook posts.

Leave it to traditional styles !! 

The center's move is to closely monitor social media posts alternatives to the bank account checks used to check the income of individuals in the normal course. Social media posts are designed to help people find out what they are spending. It will then compare it to the revenue submitted to the income tax returns by the IT department.

No raid and inspection !! 

The Income Tax Department will adopt a mechanism to take action against those found guilty of collecting personal information of the suspects in the form of alleged tax evasion. The new system is very different from the traditional style of raiding the office and home and finding the documents.

Pancard is the villain !!

 The Income Tax department will be able to make it easier for people to understand the financial transactions of the Aadhaar numbers and the pancards to impose income taxes. The Income Tax Department will take steps to collect and analyze the information. The IT department has signed an agreement with L & T Infotech for developing special technology for this purpose.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Compression solution for Big Data from China

A Compression solution for Big Data from China

 According to Intel, by 2020, the average internet user will generate approximately 1.5GB of data per day. Smart cars, meanwhile, will generate 4,000 GB each daily, not to mention connected hospitals, flights, factories and more. In short, tech companies are going to have huge amounts of data to sift through for ads, logistics and resource management services, and artificial intelligence.

So how do these companies deal with Big Data?

Technology experts believe we’re approaching a culmination of data influx, coupled with a lack of purging of old data. They foresee cloud storage shortages in the future that could hamper how our smartphones, apps, and computers operate, as well as longer processing times for IoT devices and services. Data compression is not yet effective enough to counter this problem, and even then this technique hinders how AI can access these stores to learn.

Terark is a tech start-up focusing on storage engine development and storage optimization. With several patents for storage and data processing technology, we developed a cutting-edge storage engine, TerarkDB.--
Terark’s system keeps the data searchable without needing to unpack it, meaning machine learning systems and others can easily access its stores without overloading their own servers.

Terark is composed of a team of just 10 people, and the startup itself is only about two years old. In that short time, it’s even managed to attract high profile investors like Alibaba, which has signed a $1 million contract with the startup to use its compression system for the Alibaba Cloud.

Friday, June 23, 2017

100% working solution for improving Jio Speed

100% working solution for improving Jio Speed

Since so many website out their have posted solutions after solution.We have gone through many of those 'Methods'.Nothing was working for us, just as you. what's the real solution.

In one sentence

Lock Jio 4G network to band 40

So you are using MediaTek processor download and install  Install MTK Engineering Mode from Google Play Store
-- Run app
-- Select 'MTK Settings'
-- Select 'BandMode'
-- Select SIM slot where you have put your Jio SIM
-- Select 'LTE mode'
-- Select band 40 for best speed or band 5 for best coverage
-- Save settings & reboot mobile to activate changes..

Remember last step is very very important.

For Qualcomm processor
-- Install Shortcut Master (Lite) app from Play Store.
-- Menu > Search
-- Type "Service Menu" or "Engineering Mode" and search
-- Open if found and access to change LTE bands

Ok,So by doing above step their is some good news and bad news

Good news is your speed improve very very much.(You will love me...sure)

Bad news is you might experience major outage in signal and you may not be able to  use voice calling.This is because of Jio Band using on your mobile.

A band is a network frequency at which a service provider offers connection. Airtel offers 4G on Band 40 (2300MHz), Vodafone offers 4G on Band 5 (850Mhz).

 Reliance Jio offers 4G on Band 3, Band 5, and Band 40.

In simple words

Best coverage: Band 5 > Band 3 > Band 40.

Best speed: Band 40 > Band 3 > Band 5

you will get best connection in the Band 5 but the speed will not be as good. And if you are on Band 40, you will get great speed but coverage will be poor.


A phone automatically switches between bands according to the strength of the signal at a certain location, which explains why Reliance Jio shifts from good speed at certain areas to poor at others.

other methods

To increase speed follow these steps:
-- Dial *#*#4636#*#*
-- Select phone information
-- Select "Set preferred network type"
-- Select LTE Only 

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