Saturday, January 3, 2009

Linux Redirection & Pipes


1. Ability to control input and output

Input redirection '<':

1. cat ':

1. cat 123.txt > onetwothree.txt

Note: Default nature is to:

1. Clobber the target file

2. Populate with information from input stream

Append redirection '>>':

1. cat 123.txt >> numbers.txt - creates 'numbers.txt' if it doesn't exist, or appends if it does

2. cat 456.txt >> numbers.txt

Pipes '|':

Features: Connects the output stream of one command to the input stream of a subsequent command

1. cat 123.txt | sort

2. cat 456.txt 123.txt | sort

3. cat 456.txt 123.txt | sort | grep 3

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