Sunday, September 7, 2014

Firefox tricks to take screenshot without any addon or tool

This tutorial will  helps you to take  screenshot right from Firefox without any
addon or third party tool

Step 1:
Open developer tool in Firefox(Ctr+shift+I)
Step 2:

Look for Responsive Design View in the menu

Step 3:

You can select which screen-size to take screenshot and just click on camera icon to take screenshot.

Here is few other shortcuts

Downloads Ctrl + Shift + Y
Add-ons Ctrl + Shift + A
Toggle Developer Tools F12
Ctrl + Shift + I
Web Console Ctrl + Shift + K
InspectorCtrl + Shift + C
DebuggerCtrl + Shift + S
Style EditorShift + F7
ProfilerShift + F5
NetworkCtrl + Shift + Q
Developer ToolbarShift + F2
Responsive Design ViewCtrl + Shift + M
Scratchpad Shift + F4  <----- Try this 
Page Source Ctrl + U
Browser ConsoleCtrl + Shift + J
Page InfoCtrl + I

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