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Pokémon GO or don't be a dumb please grow up

The augmented reality game from Nintendo based on the uber popular Pokemon franchise has been a hit right from launch.


Pokemon Go Daily Active Users in the US:26 million daily active users

Estimated number of times Pokemon Go has been downloaded to date:30 million downloads

Estimated amount Pokemon Go made in its first day:between $3.9 million-$4.9 million
Estimated amount of revenue Pokemon Go generates from the iOS App Store in the US:$1.6 million daily
Amount Nintendo’s market value increased the first 5 days after Pokemon Go was launched:$9 billion

1.Malicious versions of the Pokémon GO app that install a backdoor, called DroidJack, on victim's phones, enabling hackers to compromise their device completely.

2.Pokémon GO reality game requires your GPS location and a data connection. so their is no privacy.Protect Privacy at your own cost

3.Pokemon Go Ultimate available at Google play store  is a fake app.They deliberately locks the screen of the devices immediately after being installed, rending the devices unusable.

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